1. Data orchestration using AWS Timestream


    Certainly, you can achieve data orchestration using AWS Timestream with Pulumi by orchestrating an AWS Kinesis Stream which will send data to a Timestream Table. Here's a simple representation of the data flow:

    AWS Kinesis Stream ➞ AWS Timestream Table

    Here is a Pulumi C# program that sets up this data orchestration setup:

    using Pulumi; using Aws = Pulumi.Aws; class MyStack : Stack { public MyStack() { // Create an AWS Kinesis Stream var kinesisStream = new Aws.Kinesis.Stream("myStream", new Aws.Kinesis.StreamArgs { ShardCount = 1, // Modify as needed }); // Create a Timestream Database var timestreamDatabase = new Aws.TimestreamWrite.Database("myDatabase", new Aws.TimestreamWrite.DatabaseArgs { DatabaseName = "myTimestreamDatabase", }); // Create a Timestream Table inside the Timestream Database var timestreamTable = new Aws.TimestreamWrite.Table("myTable", new Aws.TimestreamWrite.TableArgs { DatabaseName = timestreamDatabase.Name, // Use the name of the Timestream Database TableName = "myTimestreamTable", RetentionProperties = new Aws.TimestreamWrite.Inputs.TableRetentionPropertiesArgs { MemoryStoreRetentionPeriodInHours = 24, // Set retention periods as required MagneticStoreRetentionPeriodInDays = 7, } }); // Export the name of the kinesis stream and Timestream Table this.KinesisStreamName = kinesisStream.Name; this.TimestreamTableName = timestreamTable.TableName; } [Output] public Output<string> KinesisStreamName { get; set; } [Output] public Output<string> TimestreamTableName { get; set; } }

    This C# Pulumi program sets up an AWS Kinesis Stream (myStream) and AWS Timestream Table (myTable) within a Timestream Database (myDatabase). You can adjust the parameters as per your needs. Data sent to the Kinesis Stream can then be processed into Timestream.

    Note that this setup requires you to configure data ingestion from Kinesis Stream to Timestream Table on your own, possibly using AWS Lambda or other appropriate data processing frameworks.

    Remember, you are responsible for managing data retention and costs associated with AWS services deployed by the Pulumi program. It is recommended to review AWS pricing and retain only the necessary data.