1. Real-time data streaming with AWS DataBrew


    Absolutely, here's a simple Pulumi Program for real-time data streaming with AWS DataBrew using AWS Glue Streams.

    This program creates a DataBrew Dataset and a DataBrew Recipe in AWS. Note that it can be extended depending on your specific needs and data source.

    Please replace your-bucket-name and your-key to point to your S3 bucket and data file.

    using Pulumi; using Pulumi.AwsNative.S3; using Pulumi.AwsNative.Databrew; class Program { static void Main() { Deployment.Run(() => { // Create a bucket var bucket = new Pulumi.AwsNative.S3.Bucket("my-bucket"); // Create a DataBrew dataset // This dataset will point to a file in S3 var input = Output.Tuple(bucket.Arn, bucket.BucketName) .Apply(t => { return new Dataset("my-dataset", new DatasetArgs { Format = "CSV", Input = new InputArgs { S3InputDefinition = new S3InputDefinitionArgs { Bucket = t.Item2, // the bucket name Key = "your-key" // the location of the data file in S3 } } }); }); // Create a DataBrew recipe var recipe = new Recipe("my-recipe", new RecipeArgs { Steps = new List<StepArgs> { new StepArgs // a simple step that renames a column { Action = new ActionArgs { Operation = "RENAME", Parameters = new Dictionary<string, object> { ["sourceColumnName"] = "old_column_name", ["targetColumnName"] = "new_column_name" } } } } }); return new Dictionary<string, object> { { "datasetName", input.Name }, { "recipeName", recipe.Name } }; }); } }

    For full information of input parameters configuration and more examples, refer to these resources in Pulumi Registry:

    1. aws-native.databrew.Dataset
    2. aws-native.databrew.Recipe

    Real-time data streaming is possible only if the sources are stream sources like Kafka or Kinesis in AWS, in which case you might want to check out the aws-native.databrew.Job which provides more advanced features including transformations with AWS Glue and AWS Lambda.