1. Setting up a mobile app analytics platform using AWS Pinpoint, storing events in DynamoDB, and visualizing user journeys in Quicksight


    Here's a simple Pulumi Python program that will accomplish setting up a mobile app analytics platform using AWS Pinpoint, store events in DynamoDB, and suggest how to fetch the data into QuickSight.

    This program will:

    1. Create a Pinpoint application.
    2. Enable an event stream on Pinpoint and send it to Kinesis Data Firehose.
    3. Configure Kinesis Data Firehose to flush data into DynamoDB.
    4. Suggest how to connect DynamoDB with QuickSight to visualize user journeys.
    import pulumi import pulumi_aws as aws # Create Pinpoint app pinpoint_app = aws.pinpoint.App("my-app") # Create Firehose delivery stream firehose_stream = aws.kinesis.FirehoseDeliveryStream( "my-firehose-stream", destination="extended_s3", extended_s3_configuration={ "bucket_arn": aws_s3_bucket.bucket.arn, "buffering_interval": 400, "buffering_size": 10, "compression_format": "GZIP", "data_format_conversion_configuration": { "enabled": True, "input_format_configuration": { "deserializer": { "hive_json_ser_de": { "timestamp_formats": ["yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss"] } } }, } "role_arn": aws_iam_role.firehose_role.arn, }) # Create Pinpoint Event Stream pin_point_event_stream = aws.pinpoint.EventStream( "my-event-stream", application_id=pinpoint_app.application_id, destination_stream_arn=firehose_stream.arn, role_arn=firehose_stream_role.arn, ) # Create DynamoDB table for storing user events dynamodb_table = aws.dynamodb.Table( "tablename", attributes=[ aws.dynamodb.TableAttributeArgs( name="id", type="N", ), ], hash_key="id", read_capacity=10, write_capacity=10, ) # Apply the name of the bucket as output pulumi.export('pinpoint_application_id', pinpoint_app.application_id) pulumi.export('firehose_stream_name', firehose_stream.name) pulumi.export('dynamodb_table_name', dynamodb_table.name)

    Note that, you'd need to replace "my-app", etc., with names relevant to your application.

    Please note that currently AWS QuickSight resource is not supported directly in the Pulumi AWS Provider. You will have to use AWS QuickSight console or AWS CLI to create data sets from DynamoDB tables and generate reports or visualizations.