1. Time-series database with AWS Kinesis


    Based on your request, you would like to use AWS Kinesis for real-time data streaming and Timestream for your time-series database. Here is a Pulumi program that will create a Kinesis stream and a Timestream database.

    Make sure to replace "YourKinesisStreamName" and "YourTimestreamDatabaseName" with your specific names.

    Please refer to the API documentation for these resources:

    using Pulumi; using Aws = Pulumi.Aws; class MyStack : Stack { public MyStack() { // Create an AWS Kinesis Stream var kinesisStream = new Aws.Kinesis.Stream("my-stream", new Aws.Kinesis.StreamArgs { Name = "YourKinesisStreamName", ShardCount = 2 }); // Create an AWS Timestream Database var timestreamDb = new Aws.TimestreamWrite.Database("my-database", new Aws.TimestreamWrite.DatabaseArgs { DatabaseName = "YourTimestreamDatabaseName" }); // Export the ARN of the Kinesis Stream this.KinesisStreamArn = kinesisStream.Arn; // Export the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the Timestream database this.TimestreamDatabaseArn = timestreamDb.Arn; } [Output] public Output<string> KinesisStreamArn { get; set; } [Output] public Output<string> TimestreamDatabaseArn { get; set; } }

    This program will create a new Kinesis stream with two shards and a new Timestream database. The ARN of the Kinesis stream and the Timestream database will be exported as stack outputs.