1. How to code an Azure Data Factory dataset?


    Creating an Azure Data Factory dataset using Pulumi involves the use of the azure-native:datafactory:Dataset resource. This resource allows you to define a dataset and its properties within Azure Data Factory.

    Here is an example program that defines an Azure Data Factory dataset:

    import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi"; import * as azure_native from "@pulumi/azure-native"; const resourceGroup = new azure_native.resources.ResourceGroup("resourceGroup", { resourceGroupName: "example-resources", }); const factory = new azure_native.datafactory.Factory("factory", { factoryName: "examplefactory", location: resourceGroup.location, resourceGroupName: resourceGroup.name, }); const dataset = new azure_native.datafactory.Dataset("dataset", { datasetName: "exampledataset", factoryName: factory.name, resourceGroupName: resourceGroup.name, properties: { type: "DelimitedText", typeProperties: { location: { type: "AzureBlobStorageLocation", folderPath: "example/folder", container: "examplecontainer", linkedServiceName: { referenceName: "exampleLinkedService", type: "LinkedServiceReference", }, }, }, }, });

    Let's break down this program:

    • First, we create a resource group using the azure_native.resources.ResourceGroup resource. This gives us a logical container where we can deploy our resources.
    • In the next step, we create an Azure Data Factory using the azure_native.datafactory.Factory resource.
    • Finally, we create the dataset using the azure_native.datafactory.Dataset resource. In the properties object, we specify that the dataset type is DelimitedText. We also specify the location of the dataset, including the folderPath and container. The linkedServiceName object refers to the linked service that this dataset should use. For example, Azure Blob Storage or Azure Data Lake Storage.

    This creates a dataset in the specified Azure Data Factory.

    Please, replace "example/folder", "examplecontainer" and "exampleLinkedService" with actual values specific for your use-case.

    This is a basic example, and additional properties can be specified based on your requirements.

    Check out the Dataset resource documentation for more information.