1. How to import VM snapshot to AWS using script?


    Sure, to import a VM snapshot to AWS, you can use the aws.ebs.SnapshotImport resource. This resource is part of the Pulumi AWS Provider and allows you to manage EBS Snapshot Import tasks.

    These tasks are, typically, used to import snapshots of VM disks from third-party sources, creating EBS snapshots that can be managed like any other EBS snapshot within AWS. This includes creation of EBS volumes and, eventually, launching EC2 instances from the snapshots.

    Here's a Python program using Pulumi framework to import a VM snapshot to AWS.

    import pulumi import pulumi_aws as aws # Specify disk container disk_container = aws.ebs.get_snapshot_import_task_disk_container( description="Sample Virtual Disk Image", format="raw", url="http://my-domain.com/image-to-import.raw" ) # Create a snapshot import snapshot_import_task = aws.ebs.SnapshotImport( "example", description = "Sample VM snapshot import", disk_container = disk_container, ) # Export the snapshot ID pulumi.export("snapshotId", snapshot_import_task.id)

    In the above program:

    1. We first create a DiskContainer object which will contain the description, format, and URL of the VM snapshot we want to import. This serves as the configuration for our EBS snapshot import task.
    2. We then create a SnapshotImport object using the aws.ebs.SnapshotImport resource. This creates an import task for the specified snapshot. The description attribute is a user-friendly description string for the import snapshot task.
    3. Lastly, we export the snapshot ID as a stack output using pulumi.export. This allows us to access the snapshot ID outside of our Pulumi program, for instance in Pulumi's web console or through the CLI.

    Please replace "http://my-domain.com/image-to-import.raw" with the actual URL of the image to be imported. Also, make sure the disk format corresponds with the format of the image, in this case it's "raw".