1. Data preparation and cleaning with AWS Glue


    Alright, let's create an AWS Glue ETL job using Pulumi. This will include the creation of an IAM role for our Glue Job and a Glue job itself.

    Make sure to replace "my_bucket" with your S3 bucket and "my_script.py", with your python script for ETL.

    ⚠️ The policy attached to the role allows for broad access across multiple services. In production, make sure to limit the access according to the principle of least privilege.

    Note: Ensure Pulumi and the AWS SDK is set up and configured on your local machine. Also ensure your IAM role has the necessary permissions to create and manage resources.

    Here's your C# AWS Glue ETL job Pulumi program:

    using Pulumi; using Pulumi.Aws.Glue; using Pulumi.Aws.Iam; class MyStack : Stack { public MyStack() { // IAM Role for Glue var glueRole = new Role("glueRole", new RoleArgs { AssumeRolePolicy = @"{ ""Version"": ""2012-10-17"", ""Statement"": [{ ""Action"": ""sts:AssumeRole"", ""Principal"": { ""Service"": ""glue.amazonaws.com"" }, ""Effect"": ""Allow"", ""Sid"": """" }] }" }); // IAM Role policy attachment for AWS Glue var gluePolicy = new RolePolicyAttachment("gluePolicy", new RolePolicyAttachmentArgs { Role = glueRole.Name, PolicyArn = "arn:aws:iam::aws:policy/service-role/AWSGlueServiceRole" }); // S3 bucket name where your python script is located var bucketName = "my_bucket"; var scriptName = "my_script.py"; // Glue Job var glueJob = new Job("glueJob", new JobArgs { Name = "example-job", RoleArn = glueRole.Arn, Command = new JobCommandArgs { ScriptLocation = $"s3://{bucketName}/{scriptName}", Name = "glueetl" }, DefaultArguments = { {"--TempDir", $"s3://my_bucket/glue_tmp_dir"}, }, MaxRetries = 0, GlueVersion = "1.0", Timeout = 10, NumberOfWorkers = 2, WorkerType = "Standard" }); // Export ARN for the Glue job this.JobArn = glueJob.Arn; } [Output] public Output<string> JobArn { get; set; } }

    This program creates a new assume-role policy for the AWS Glue service, attaches this policy to a new IAM role in your account, then uses this IAM role to create a new Glue Job, which refers to a specific Python script in your designated S3 bucket.

    Once your Pulumi program finishes running, you can find the ARN of the Glue job as an output parameter.

    Please refer to the related resources in the Pulumi Registry documentation for more information: