1. How to import existing Unifi users into Pulumi?


    Currently, Pulumi does not support UniFi from Ubiquiti Networks directly. If UniFi has an API, you could write a program that uses that API to import the users.

    Alternatively, you could create a script or a program using a language like Python or Shell to extract the users from UniFi and then use that information to create the resources in Pulumi.

    If you have access to an AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or another cloud provider where your UniFi controller is hosted, you may be able to interact with that. However, details about this process could highly depend on the specifics of your setup.

    Remember that you should ensure that sensitive data like usernames and passwords are handled securely. You may use Pulumi's built-in support for secret values.

    One possible approach is using AWS Lambda or Google Cloud Function to run such code. This function would be able to interact with UniFi Controller's API and do the necessary mapping into your infrastructure.

    Unfortunately, without more context about the UniFi setup and the desired state in Pulumi, it's hard to provide a more detailed answer. If you provide more details, I would be able to help better.