1. How to build a Docker image with Alpine and push to ECR?


    You can push Docker images to AWS ECR (Elastic Container Registry) by using Pulumi's AWS and Docker providers. The following program outlines the steps to build a Docker image with an Alpine base and then pushing it to a new ECR repository.

    import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi"; import * as aws from "@pulumi/aws"; import * as docker from "@pulumi/docker"; // Create a new ECR repository let repo = new aws.ecr.Repository("my-repo"); // Get registry info (creds and endpoint) so we can build/publish to it. let registryInfo = repo.registryId.apply(id => aws.ecr.getCredentials({ registryId: id })).then(creds => { return { server: creds.proxyEndpoint, username: creds.authorizationToken.apply(token => Buffer.from(token, "base64").toString().split(":")[0]), password: creds.authorizationToken.apply(token => Buffer.from(token, "base64").toString().split(":")[1]), }; }); // Build and publish the container to the ECR repository let image = new docker.Image("my-image", { imageName: pulumi.interpolate`${repo.repositoryUrl}:latest`, build: { context: ".", // Specify the directory containing your Dockerfile here dockerfile: "Dockerfile", args: { BASE_IMAGE: "alpine" } }, registry: registryInfo });

    Make sure to replace "." with the directory containing the Dockerfile for your application.

    This code will create a new ECR repository (aws.ecr.Repository), fetch the necessary credentials to communicate with it (aws.ecr.getCredentials), and build and publish a Docker image (docker.Image) with the provided image name and build context (including the Dockerfile and build arguments).

    The registry option for docker.Image is used to provide the credentials and the registry endpoint information, which are provided by the registryInfo promise.

    The Pulumi program automatically handles the process of authenticating with ECR, so you don't have to manually log in via the AWS CLI. Ensure your Pulumi program has the appropriate AWS credentials to create and push to an ECR repository.

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