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Orchestrating Cloud Workflows with Automation API

Orchestrating Cloud Workflows with Automation API

There are many moving parts when deploying infrastructure and applications. Playbooks are step-by-step maps that standardize how infrastructure and applications are deployed across your organization. Typically playbooks describe every action to build and deploy, requiring an operator to complete each step before moving on to the next. It’s a process that can be tedious and prone to human error.

What if you could encapsulate a playbook into a single action? This is the promise of declarative infrastructure. You declare the desired state of your infrastructure and the infrastructure as code engine builds the infrastructure. However, you must still deploy the application and perform maintenance, and this is where you hit the limits of templating languages and where programming languages excel. In this hands-on article, we’ll demonstrate how to use Pulumi’s Automation API to create a program that builds infrastructure, installs an application, and can perform application maintenance.

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