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Build Self-Service Cloud Infrastructure with Automation API

Build Self-Service Cloud Infrastructure with Automation API

If you could create infrastructure without using a cloud provider’s console, a CLI, or a templating engine, what would you build? Pulumi’s Automation API lets you create declarative infrastructure defined by your best practices and expose it behind a REST, gRPC, or custom API.

So just what is Automation API? Think of it as Pulumi’s infrastructure as code engine as an SDK. Instead of writing code and using the CLI to declare infrastructure, you can directly tell the engine to build your infrastructure. This means that you’re using the same declarative IaC tooling with the predictability, robustness, safety, and desired state management, except it has a new programmatic surface area. Imagine building an application that creates infrastructure via a REST interface. Get ready, because that’s what we’re going to do.

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