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Pulumi’s approach to infrastructure as code is great for continuous delivery, secure collaboration, and easy management of common cloud services and operations.

Continuous Delivery

Integrate Pulumi with your current continuous delivery pipeline.

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SAML Integrations

Learn about key SAML SSO configuration properties, and link your Pulumi organization with your SAML 2.0 identity provider. Have members of your organization sign in via SSO.

Pulumi Crosswalk for AWS

Use Pulumi's automatic well-architected best practices for common infrastructure-as-code tasks in AWS.

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Pulumi Crosswalk for Kubernetes

Kubernetes for Everyone. Pulumi encapsulates best practices for common infrastructure-as-code tasks in Kubernetes, and its underyling infrastructure.

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Use Pulumi's CrossGuard to to enable cloud resource compliance using code.

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If you’d like to see additional guides, please request one. Pull requests are also welcome!