Kubernetes the Prod Way

Kubernetes the Prod Way is a tutorial, reference architecture, and collection of prod-first code examples that demonstrate industry best-practices for using Kubernetes in contexts where an organization of people must ship production applications.

For example: in an organization, we typically expect identity (e.g., AWS IAM, GCP IAM, Azure AD), compute (e.g., EKS, GKE, AKS), storage (e.g., Aurora, Cloud SQL, CosmosDB), and networking to be provisioned and “owned” by separate people, and perhaps separate teams. But, when an app team deploys a service, we expect all of these components to work seamlessly together.

Kubernetes the Prod Way will show you, using batteries-included examples, how to provision and use these technologies together in a way that maintains high release velocity, without sacrificing security, governance, or stability.

Examples are provided for each of: AWS, GCP, and Azure. In the future, we will also provide examples for common on-prem technology, such as VMWare vSphere.

Target Audience

This tutorial is aimed at people who are planning to support production applications running on Kubernetes, particularly those looking for concrete guidance on how to set up infrastructure so that teams can operate quickly, effectively, and safely.


The labs in Kubernetes the Prod Way are built using Pulumi, a tool that allows you to provision and configure cloud infrastructure, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), and Kubernetes.

With that said, nearly all of the lessons learned could be applied using other tools as well, and there is very little that is specific to Pulumi.

Kubernetes the Prod Way is organized as a series of labs. These labs cover everything from bootstrapping IAM roles, to provisioning compute, storage, and networking, to deploying applications on top of Kubernetes.