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Pulumi Console

The Pulumi Console web application automatically manages deployment state and enables collaboration between developers and operators. The Pulumi CLI automatically uses it unless you explicitly opt out. Explore the different sections to learn more about the features and benefits of using the Pulumi Console.

Getting Started

In your browser, navigate to and sign up. The Pulumi Community Edition is free forever for unlimited individual use.


Accounts & Organizations

Learn about the Pulumi product editions. Link your account with a third party identity provider, including one that is compatible with SAML 2.0. Next, you can learn how to create an organization.


Collaborate with other developers and coordinate on updates. Provide fine-grained access to stacks and use RBAC (Role-based Access Control) for your organization.

Integrations and Extensions

Integrate Pulumi with your current continuous delivery pipeline. Build your own extensions, and create reusable templates.