Pulumi Product Editions

Pulumi has multiple subscription plans available to organizations, each offering an expanding set of features and capabilities.

Pulumi Community Edition

When you sign into the Pulumi Console, an individual organization is automatically created for your account and subscribed to the Pulumi Community edition. The Pulumi Community Edition is free forever for unlimited individual use.

With your Community Edition organization, you can create an unlimited number of stacks, encrypt configuration and resource secrets, and browse stack history.

But if you want to collaborate with other developers or use advanced features such as ones that require SAML SSO, you’ll need to create a new Pulumi organization.

Other Editions

Pulumi Team Starter is ideal for teams just getting started deploying cloud applications and infrastructure.

Pulumi Team Pro is ideal for medium to large teams using Pulumi for multiple projects or clouds.

Pulumi Enterprise Edition is ideal for large organizations running cloud software at scale, with advanced or custom needs.

For more information about the specific differences and capabilities offered for the Pulumi Team and Enterprise editions, refer to the pricing page.

To create a new Pulumi organization with a new edition, see Creating a New Organization.

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