API Reference

Pulumi offers APIs for working with a wide variety of cloud platforms, as well as higher-level APIs that make it easier to deliver cloud applications and infrastructure.

These APIs are available as packages in your chosen language’s package manager — npm for TypeScript/JavaScript, PyPI for Python, and the like. There is a dedicated package for each cloud that includes access to its full capabilities. In addition, Pulumi offers many convenience packages that make common tasks easier, like setting up a network, creating a Kubernetes cluster, and building and publishing containers to private registries.

Resources by Cloud Provider

Reference documentation and examples for major cloud providers.

AWS Azure Google Cloud

All Packages by Language

Detailed documentation for general-purpose and cloud-provider packages, organized by language.

General Purpose Packages

The Pulumi SDK package is used for accessing the core programming model around resources, configuration, and other components directly. Additional general-purpose packages can be used across all cloud platforms:

Cloud Provider Packages

Each cloud vendor has a dedicated package for deploying resources to it:

Cloud-Agnostic Packages

Pulumi offers a highly productive, cloud-agnostic package for container and serverless programming in the @pulumi/cloud package which currently allows writing applications once and deploying to either AWS or Azure.

Coming soon!