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Module types/input

This page documents the language specification for the aws package. If you're looking for help working with the inputs, outputs, or functions of aws resources in a Pulumi program, please see the resource documentation for examples and API reference.

namespace acm

namespace acmpca

namespace alb

namespace apigateway

namespace apigatewayv2

namespace appautoscaling

namespace applicationloadbalancing

namespace appmesh

namespace appsync

namespace athena

namespace autoscaling

namespace autoscalingplans

namespace backup

namespace batch

namespace budgets

namespace cfg

namespace cloudfront

namespace cloudhsmv2

namespace cloudtrail

namespace cloudwatch

namespace codeartifact

namespace codebuild

namespace codecommit

namespace codedeploy

namespace codepipeline

namespace codestarnotifications

namespace cognito

namespace datasync

namespace dax

namespace directoryservice

namespace dlm

namespace dms

namespace docdb

namespace dynamodb

namespace ebs

namespace ec2

namespace ec2clientvpn

namespace ec2transitgateway

namespace ecr

namespace ecs

namespace efs

namespace eks

namespace elasticache

namespace elasticbeanstalk

namespace elasticloadbalancing

namespace elasticloadbalancingv2

namespace elasticsearch

namespace elastictranscoder

namespace elb

namespace emr

namespace fsx

namespace gamelift

namespace glacier

namespace globalaccelerator

namespace glue

namespace guardduty

namespace iam

namespace imagebuilder

namespace iot

namespace kinesis

namespace kinesisanalyticsv2

namespace kms

namespace lambda

namespace lb

namespace lex

namespace macie

namespace mediaconvert

namespace mediapackage

namespace mq

namespace msk

namespace neptune

namespace networkfirewall

namespace opsworks

namespace organizations

namespace pinpoint

namespace pricing

namespace ram

namespace rds

namespace redshift

namespace resourcegroups

namespace route53

namespace s3

namespace s3control

namespace s3outposts

namespace sagemaker

namespace secretsmanager

namespace servicediscovery

namespace ses

namespace signer

namespace ssm

namespace storagegateway

namespace transfer

namespace waf

namespace wafregional

namespace wafv2