Module config

This provider is a derived work of the Terraform Provider distributed under MIT. If you encounter a bug or missing feature, first check the pulumi/pulumi-keycloak repo; however, if that doesn’t turn up anything, please consult the source mrparkers/terraform-provider-keycloak repo.



let clientId

let clientId: string | undefined =  __config.get("clientId") || utilities.getEnv("KEYCLOAK_CLIENT_ID");

let clientSecret

let clientSecret: string | undefined =  __config.get("clientSecret") || utilities.getEnv("KEYCLOAK_CLIENT_SECRET");

let clientTimeout

let clientTimeout: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("clientTimeout") || (utilities.getEnvNumber("KEYCLOAK_CLIENT_TIMEOUT") || 5);

Timeout (in seconds) of the Keycloak client

let initialLogin

let initialLogin: boolean | undefined =  __config.getObject<boolean>("initialLogin");

Whether or not to login to Keycloak instance on provider initialization

let password

let password: string | undefined =  __config.get("password") || utilities.getEnv("KEYCLOAK_PASSWORD");

let realm

let realm: string | undefined =  __config.get("realm") || (utilities.getEnv("KEYCLOAK_REALM") || "master");

let rootCaCertificate

let rootCaCertificate: string | undefined =  __config.get("rootCaCertificate");

Allows x509 calls using an unknown CA certificate (for development purposes)

let url

let url: string | undefined =  __config.get("url") || utilities.getEnv("KEYCLOAK_URL");

The base URL of the Keycloak instance, before /auth

let username

let username: string | undefined =  __config.get("username") || utilities.getEnv("KEYCLOAK_USER");