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Pulumi Policy SDK


Define and manage policy for cloud resources deployed through Pulumi.

Policy rules run during pulumi preview and pulumi up, asserting that cloud resource definitions comply with the policy immediately before they are created or updated. Policies may optionally define remediations that automatically fix policy violations rather than issue warnings.

During preview, every rule is run on every resource, and policy violations are batched up into a final report. During the update, the first policy violation will halt the deployment.

Policy violations can have enforcement levels that are advisory, which results in a printed warning, or mandatory, which results in an error after pulumi preview or pulumi up completes. The enforcement level remediate is stronger than both and enables automatic remediations.

Getting Started

Please see Get Started with Policy as Code to get started authoring and enforcing policies.


For additional documentation, guides, best practices, and FAQs, see Policy as Code.


Looking for examples? Please refer to the examples repo.


Policies can be written in TypeScript/JavaScript (Node.js) or Python and can be applied to Pulumi stacks written in any language.

Language Status
TypeScript Stable
JavaScript Stable
Python Preview
.NET Coming Soon
Go Coming Soon

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