Module config

This provider is a derived work of the Terraform Provider distributed under MPL 2.0. If you encounter a bug or missing feature, first check the pulumi/pulumi-postgresql repo; however, if that doesn’t turn up anything, please consult the source terraform-providers/terraform-provider-postgresql repo.



let clientcert

let clientcert: {
    cert: string;
    key: string;
} | undefined =  __config.getObject<{ cert: string, key: string }>("clientcert");

SSL client certificate if required by the database.

let connectTimeout

let connectTimeout: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("connectTimeout") || (utilities.getEnvNumber("PGCONNECT_TIMEOUT") || 180);

Maximum wait for connection, in seconds. Zero or not specified means wait indefinitely.

let database

let database: string | undefined =  __config.get("database") || (utilities.getEnv("PGDATABASE") || "postgres");

The name of the database to connect to in order to conenct to (defaults to postgres).

let databaseUsername

let databaseUsername: string | undefined =  __config.get("databaseUsername");

Database username associated to the connected user (for user name maps)

let expectedVersion

let expectedVersion: string | undefined =  __config.get("expectedVersion");

Specify the expected version of PostgreSQL.

let host

let host: string | undefined =  __config.get("host") || utilities.getEnv("PGHOST");

Name of PostgreSQL server address to connect to

let maxConnections

let maxConnections: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("maxConnections");

Maximum number of connections to establish to the database. Zero means unlimited.

let password

let password: string | undefined =  __config.get("password") || utilities.getEnv("PGPASSWORD");

Password to be used if the PostgreSQL server demands password authentication

let port

let port: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("port") || (utilities.getEnvNumber("PGPORT") || 5432);

The PostgreSQL port number to connect to at the server host, or socket file name extension for Unix-domain connections

let sslMode

let sslMode: string | undefined =  __config.get("sslMode");

let sslmode

let sslmode: string | undefined =  __config.get("sslmode") || utilities.getEnv("PGSSLMODE");

This option determines whether or with what priority a secure SSL TCP/IP connection will be negotiated with the PostgreSQL server

let sslrootcert

let sslrootcert: string | undefined =  __config.get("sslrootcert");

The SSL server root certificate file path. The file must contain PEM encoded data.

let superuser

let superuser: boolean | undefined =  __config.getObject<boolean>("superuser");

Specify if the user to connect as is a Postgres superuser or not.If not, some feature might be disabled (e.g.: Refreshing state password from Postgres)

let username

let username: string | undefined =  __config.get("username") || (utilities.getEnv("PGUSER") || "postgres");

PostgreSQL user name to connect as