Module config

This provider is a derived work of the Terraform Provider distributed under MPL 2.0. If you encounter a bug or missing feature, first check the pulumi/pulumi-vsphere repo; however, if that doesn’t turn up anything, please consult the source terraform-providers/terraform-provider-vsphere repo.



let allowUnverifiedSsl

let allowUnverifiedSsl: boolean | undefined =  __config.getObject<boolean>("allowUnverifiedSsl") || utilities.getEnvBoolean("VSPHERE_ALLOW_UNVERIFIED_SSL");

If set, VMware vSphere client will permit unverifiable SSL certificates.

let clientDebug

let clientDebug: boolean | undefined =  __config.getObject<boolean>("clientDebug") || utilities.getEnvBoolean("VSPHERE_CLIENT_DEBUG");

govmomi debug

let clientDebugPath

let clientDebugPath: string | undefined =  __config.get("clientDebugPath") || utilities.getEnv("VSPHERE_CLIENT_DEBUG_PATH");

govmomi debug path for debug

let clientDebugPathRun

let clientDebugPathRun: string | undefined =  __config.get("clientDebugPathRun") || utilities.getEnv("VSPHERE_CLIENT_DEBUG_PATH_RUN");

govmomi debug path for a single run

let password

let password: string | undefined =  __config.get("password") || utilities.getEnv("VSPHERE_PASSWORD");

The user password for vSphere API operations.

let persistSession

let persistSession: boolean | undefined =  __config.getObject<boolean>("persistSession") || utilities.getEnvBoolean("VSPHERE_PERSIST_SESSION");

Persist vSphere client sessions to disk

let restSessionPath

let restSessionPath: string | undefined =  __config.get("restSessionPath") || utilities.getEnv("VSPHERE_REST_SESSION_PATH");

The directory to save vSphere REST API sessions to

let user

let user: string | undefined =  __config.get("user") || utilities.getEnv("VSPHERE_USER");

The user name for vSphere API operations.

let vcenterServer

let vcenterServer: string | undefined =  __config.get("vcenterServer");

let vimKeepAlive

let vimKeepAlive: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("vimKeepAlive") || utilities.getEnvNumber("VSPHERE_VIM_KEEP_ALIVE");

Keep alive interval for the VIM session in minutes

let vimSessionPath

let vimSessionPath: string | undefined =  __config.get("vimSessionPath") || utilities.getEnv("VSPHERE_VIM_SESSION_PATH");

The directory to save vSphere SOAP API sessions to

let vsphereServer

let vsphereServer: string | undefined =  __config.get("vsphereServer") || utilities.getEnv("VSPHERE_SERVER");

The vSphere Server name for vSphere API operations.