class pulumi_kubernetes.provider.Provider(__name__, __opts__=None, cluster=None, context=None, enable_dry_run=None, kubeconfig=None, namespace=None, suppress_deprecation_warnings=None)

The provider type for the kubernetes package.

Create a Provider resource with the given unique name, arguments, and options.

:param str name: The unique name of the resource. :param pulumi.ResourceOptions opts: An optional bag of options that controls this resource’s behavior. :param pulumi.Input[str] cluster: If present, the name of the kubeconfig cluster to use. :param pulumi.Input[str] context: If present, the name of the kubeconfig context to use. :param pulumi.Input[bool] enable_dry_run: BETA FEATURE - If present and set to True, enable server-side diff

calculations. This feature is in developer preview, and is disabled by default.

  • kubeconfig (pulumi.Input[str]) – The contents of a kubeconfig file. If this is set, this config will be used instead of $KUBECONFIG.

  • namespace (pulumi.Input[str]) – If present, the default namespace to use. This flag is ignored for cluster-scoped resources. A namespace can be specified in multiple places, and the precedence is as follows:

1. `.metadata.namespace` set on the resource.
2. This `namespace` parameter.
3. `namespace` set for the active context in the kubeconfig.

suppress_deprecation_warnings (pulumi.Input[bool]) – If present and set to True, suppress apiVersion deprecation warnings from the CLI.