AWS Tutorials

The following tutorials highlight the AWS platform using complete end-to-end scenarios.

If this is your first time getting started with Pulumi for AWS, try the easy Get Started guide first. For a more in-depth information about Pulumi’s support for specific AWS services, see the Pulumi AWS User Guide.

If you are looking to use Kubernetes on AWS, see the EKS tutorial.

EC2 Virtual Machine

Provision a Linux web server using an Amazon EC2 virtual machine.

ECS Fargate Containers

Build and deploy a containerized application to a private Amazon ECR registry, and provision a load balanced ECS "Fargate" service.

API Gateway and Lambda

Create a serverless application using Amazon API Gateway and Lambda with automatic SSL and on-demand scaling.

S3 Static Website

Deploy and serve a static website publicly on the Internet using AWS S3.

Other Examples and Tutorials

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Static Website Hosted on AWS S3
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AWS EKS Cluster
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If you’d like to see a new tutorial, please request one. Pull requests are also welcome!