Google Cloud Functions in Python deployed with Go

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This example deploys a Google Cloud Function implemented in Go. Pulumi program is also implemented in Go.

Deploying the App

To deploy your infrastructure, follow the below steps.


  1. Install Pulumi
  2. Configure Pulumi for GCP


  1. Create a new stack:

    $ pulumi stack init dev
  2. Set the GCP project and region:

    pulumi config set gcp:project <gcp-project>
    pulumi config set gcp:region <gcp-region>
  3. Execute the pulumi program to deploy our function:

    pulumi up
  4. Test our function by curl-ing the trigger URL.

    curl $(pulumi stack output function)
    # "Hello World!"
  5. From there, feel free to experiment. Simply making edits and running pulumi up will incrementally update your function.

  6. Once you’ve finished experimenting, tear down your stack’s resources by destroying and removing it:

    pulumi destroy --yes
    pulumi stack rm --yes