Kubernetes Tutorials

The following tutorials highlight the Kubernetes platform using complete end-to-end scenarios.

If this is your first time getting started with Pulumi for Kubernetes, try the easy Get Started guide first.

Tutorials are available for a number of Kubernetes tasks:

  • Clusters - provisioning a new Kubernetes cluster
  • Workloads - effectively running applications
  • Day Two Tasks - complex tasks for managing existing Kubernetes environments


These tutorials will help you provision a Kubernetes cluster on your cloud of choice:


These tutorials deploy application workloads to any Kubernetes cluster, managed or self-managed:

Hello, World

Deploy an Nginx web server to Kubernetes and expose it to the Internet with a public IP address.

Helm Charts

Deploy the WordPress Helm Chart to your cluster.

Guestbook App

Deploy a multi-service, load balanced Guestbook application using Redis and Nginx.

Graceful App Rollout

Deploy an application, perform a cascading update, and monitor deployment progress visually as it occurs.

Stateless Application

Deploy a stateless application using a Kubernetes Deployment, and then dynamically scale it out.

Day Two Tasks

These tutorials tackle difficult “day two” tasks:

Gated Rollouts

Stage a rollout from a 3-replica canary to 10-replica staging environment, gating progress on Prometheus health checks.

Zero Downtime Upgrades

See how to migrate workloads using node groups in an EKS cluster to accomplish zero downtime upgrades.

Other Examples and Tutorials


There are no JavaScript tutorials (yet) for this cloud.

Kubernetes Application Deployed To Multiple Clusters
Kubernetes Guestbook (Two Ways)
Kubernetes Jenkins
Kubernetes Sock Shop
Kubernetes: Deploying the Wordpress Helm chart
Kubernetes: Exposing a Deployment with a public IP address
Kubernetes: Staged application rollout gated by Prometheus checks
Kubernetes: Triggering a rollout of an app by changing ConfigMap data
Kubernetes: Triggering a rollout of an app by changing data in S3
Run a Stateless Application Using a Deployment

There are no Python tutorials (yet) for this cloud.

If you’d like to see a new tutorial, please request one. Pull requests are also welcome!