Aviatrix: Installation & Configuration


  1. To use this package, please install the Pulumi CLI first.
  2. This package is only available for Python currently, but support for other languages might be available later.


To use from JavaScript or TypeScript in Node.js, install using either npm or yarn:

$ pip install pulumi-aviatrix


The following configuration points are available for the aviatrix provider:


  • aviatrix:controllerIp (environment: AVIATRIX_CONTROLLER_IP) - The Aviatrix controller’s IP address
  • aviatrix:username (environment: AVIATRIX_USERNAME) - The Aviatrix controller’s username
  • aviatrix:password (environment: AVIATRIX_PASSWORD) - The Aviatrix controller’s password


  • aviatrix:skip_version_validation (environment: AVIATRIX_SKIP_VERSION_VALIDATION) - Valid values: true, false. Default: false. If set to true, it skips checking whether current Pulumi provider supports current Controller version.
  • aviatrix:verify_ssl_certificate (environment: AVIATRIX_VERIFY_SSL_CERTIFICATE) - Valid values: true, false. Default: false. If set to true, the SSL certificate of the controller will be verified.

Controller compatibility

This package has feature parity with the Aviatrix Terraform provider version 2.24.1. For controller version compatibility please visit the compatibility page.


For detailed reference documentation, please visit the Terraform registry.