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The AWS::Amplify::Domain resource allows you to connect a custom domain to your app.

Using getDomain

Two invocation forms are available. The direct form accepts plain arguments and either blocks until the result value is available, or returns a Promise-wrapped result. The output form accepts Input-wrapped arguments and returns an Output-wrapped result.

function getDomain(args: GetDomainArgs, opts?: InvokeOptions): Promise<GetDomainResult>
function getDomainOutput(args: GetDomainOutputArgs, opts?: InvokeOptions): Output<GetDomainResult>
def get_domain(arn: Optional[str] = None,
               opts: Optional[InvokeOptions] = None) -> GetDomainResult
def get_domain_output(arn: Optional[pulumi.Input[str]] = None,
               opts: Optional[InvokeOptions] = None) -> Output[GetDomainResult]
func LookupDomain(ctx *Context, args *LookupDomainArgs, opts ...InvokeOption) (*LookupDomainResult, error)
func LookupDomainOutput(ctx *Context, args *LookupDomainOutputArgs, opts ...InvokeOption) LookupDomainResultOutput

> Note: This function is named LookupDomain in the Go SDK.

public static class GetDomain 
    public static Task<GetDomainResult> InvokeAsync(GetDomainArgs args, InvokeOptions? opts = null)
    public static Output<GetDomainResult> Invoke(GetDomainInvokeArgs args, InvokeOptions? opts = null)
public static CompletableFuture<GetDomainResult> getDomain(GetDomainArgs args, InvokeOptions options)
// Output-based functions aren't available in Java yet
  function: aws-native:amplify:getDomain
    # arguments dictionary

The following arguments are supported:

Arn string
Arn string
arn String
arn string
arn str
arn String

getDomain Result

The following output properties are available:

Supporting Types


BranchName string
Prefix string
BranchName string
Prefix string
branchName String
prefix String
branchName string
prefix string
branchName String
prefix String

Package Details

AWS Native pulumi/pulumi-aws-native