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Enables access logs to be sent to Amazon CloudWatch, Amazon S3, and Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose. The service network owner can use the access logs to audit the services in the network. The service network owner will only see access logs from clients and services that are associated with their service network. Access log entries represent traffic originated from VPCs associated with that network.

Using getAccessLogSubscription

Two invocation forms are available. The direct form accepts plain arguments and either blocks until the result value is available, or returns a Promise-wrapped result. The output form accepts Input-wrapped arguments and returns an Output-wrapped result.

function getAccessLogSubscription(args: GetAccessLogSubscriptionArgs, opts?: InvokeOptions): Promise<GetAccessLogSubscriptionResult>
function getAccessLogSubscriptionOutput(args: GetAccessLogSubscriptionOutputArgs, opts?: InvokeOptions): Output<GetAccessLogSubscriptionResult>
def get_access_log_subscription(arn: Optional[str] = None,
                                opts: Optional[InvokeOptions] = None) -> GetAccessLogSubscriptionResult
def get_access_log_subscription_output(arn: Optional[pulumi.Input[str]] = None,
                                opts: Optional[InvokeOptions] = None) -> Output[GetAccessLogSubscriptionResult]
func LookupAccessLogSubscription(ctx *Context, args *LookupAccessLogSubscriptionArgs, opts ...InvokeOption) (*LookupAccessLogSubscriptionResult, error)
func LookupAccessLogSubscriptionOutput(ctx *Context, args *LookupAccessLogSubscriptionOutputArgs, opts ...InvokeOption) LookupAccessLogSubscriptionResultOutput

> Note: This function is named LookupAccessLogSubscription in the Go SDK.

public static class GetAccessLogSubscription 
    public static Task<GetAccessLogSubscriptionResult> InvokeAsync(GetAccessLogSubscriptionArgs args, InvokeOptions? opts = null)
    public static Output<GetAccessLogSubscriptionResult> Invoke(GetAccessLogSubscriptionInvokeArgs args, InvokeOptions? opts = null)
public static CompletableFuture<GetAccessLogSubscriptionResult> getAccessLogSubscription(GetAccessLogSubscriptionArgs args, InvokeOptions options)
// Output-based functions aren't available in Java yet
  function: aws-native:vpclattice:getAccessLogSubscription
    # arguments dictionary

The following arguments are supported:

Arn string
Arn string
arn String
arn string
arn str
arn String

getAccessLogSubscription Result

The following output properties are available:

Supporting Types


Key string
Value string
Key string
Value string
key String
value String
key string
value string
key str
value str
key String
value String

Package Details

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