Lambda-backed REST API

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A simple API demonstrating an integration between AWS API Gateway (REST) and AWS Lambda.

Deploying and running the program

This example provides API endpoints which are executed by lambda using TypeScript and AWS.

This sample uses the following AWS products:


  1. Install Pulumi

  2. Create a new stack:

    $ pulumi stack init aws-ts-apigateway-lambda-serverless
  3. Set the AWS region:

    $ pulumi config set aws:region us-east-2
  4. Install NPM modules via npm install or yarn install.

Deploy the App

  1. Run pulumi up to preview and deploy changes:
`Updating (aws-ts-apigateway-lambda-serverless)

View Live:***/aws-ts-apigateway-lambda-serverless/aws-ts-apigateway-lambda-serverless/updates/1

    Type                                Name                                                                     Status      
+   pulumi:pulumi:Stack                 aws-ts-apigateway-lambda-serverless-aws-ts-apigateway-lambda-serverless  created     
+   └─ aws:apigateway:x:API             hello-world                                                              created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:Role                  hello-world40ecbb97                                                      created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:Policy                hello-world2bb21f83-LambdaFullAccess                                     created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:Role                  hello-world2bb21f83                                                      created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:Role                  hello-world4fcc7b60                                                      created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:Policy                hello-world40ecbb97-LambdaFullAccess                                     created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:Policy                hello-world4fcc7b60-LambdaFullAccess                                     created     
+      ├─ aws:lambda:Function           hello-world40ecbb97                                                      created     
+      ├─ aws:lambda:Function           hello-world2bb21f83                                                      created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:RolePolicyAttachment  hello-world2bb21f83-lambdaFullAccessCopyAttachment                       created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:RolePolicyAttachment  hello-world40ecbb97-lambdaFullAccessCopyAttachment                       created     
+      ├─ aws:lambda:Function           hello-world4fcc7b60                                                      created     
+      ├─ aws:iam:RolePolicyAttachment  hello-world4fcc7b60-lambdaFullAccessCopyAttachment                       created     
+      ├─ aws:apigateway:RestApi        hello-world                                                              created     
+      ├─ aws:apigateway:Deployment     hello-world                                                              created     
+      ├─ aws:lambda:Permission         hello-world-29d762f7                                                     created     
+      ├─ aws:lambda:Permission         hello-world-86405973                                                     created     
+      ├─ aws:lambda:Permission         hello-world-d21e9c98                                                     created     
+      └─ aws:apigateway:Stage          hello-world                                                              created     

    endpointUrl: "https://***"

    + 20 created

Duration: 36s`
  1. To view the runtime logs of the Lambda function, use the pulumi logs command. To get a log stream, use pulumi logs --follow.

Clean Up

  1. Run pulumi destroy to tear down all resources.

  2. To delete the stack itself, run pulumi stack rm. Note that this command deletes all deployment history from the Pulumi Console.


In this tutorial, you built a lambda-backed API on AWS using API Gateway, lambda functions, and Pulumi. This serverless solution is highly scaleable, resilient, and stateless.

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