Run an RSS Service with Miniflux

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Miniflux is an open-source RSS service written in Go and backed by PostgreSQL. This example demonstrates how to stand up a Miniflux service using AWS Fargate and RDS.



  1. Install Pulumi.
  2. Install Node.js.
  3. Configure your AWS credentials.

Deploying the App

  1. Clone this repo, change to this directory, then create a new stack for the project:

    pulumi stack init
  2. Apply the required configuration properties, making adjustments as you like, and taking care to choose strong passwords for the database user and service administrator (which will be stored as encrypted Pulumi secrets:

    pulumi config set aws:region us-west-2
    pulumi config set db_name miniflux
    pulumi config set db_username miniflux
    pulumi config set db_password <YOUR_PASSWORD> --secret
    pulumi config set admin_username admin
    pulumi config set admin_password <YOUR_PASSWORD> --secret
  3. With your configuration values applied, stand up the service:

    pulumi up
  4. In a few minutes, your service will be up and running, with the service URL printed as a Pulumi stack output.

        url: ""

    Sign in using the administrative user and password you configured above, and start RSSing!

  5. When you’re ready, destroy your stack and remove it:

    pulumi destroy --yes
    pulumi stack rm --yes