Serverless C# App

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This example deploys a complete serverless C# application using raw aws.apigateway.RestAPI, aws.lambda.Function and aws.dynamodb.Table resources from @pulumi/aws. Although this doesn’t feature any of the higher-level abstractions from the @pulumi/cloud package, it demonstrates that you can program the raw resources directly available in AWS to accomplish all of the same things this higher-level package offers.

The deployed Lambda function is a simple C# application, highlighting the ability to manage existing application code in a Pulumi application, even if your Pulumi code is written in a different language like JavaScript or Python.

The Lambda function is a C# application using .NET Core 3.1 (a similar approach works for any other language supported by AWS Lambda).

Deploying and running the Pulumi App

  1. Create a new stack:

    $ pulumi stack init dev
  2. Restore NPM modules via npm install or yarn install.

  3. Build the C# application.

    dotnet publish app
  4. Set the AWS region:

    $ pulumi config set aws:region us-east-2
  5. Optionally, set AWS Lambda provisioned concurrency:

    $ pulumi config set provisionedConcurrency 1
  6. Run pulumi up to preview and deploy changes:

    $ pulumi up
    Previewing update (dev):
    Updating (dev):
        + 10 created
    Duration: 1m 20s
  7. Check the deployed GraphQL endpoint:

    $ curl $(pulumi stack output endpoint)/hello
  8. See the logs

    $ pulumi logs -f
    2018-03-21T18:24:52.670-07:00[    mylambda-d719650] START RequestId: d1e95652-2d6f-11e8-93f6-2921c8ae65e7 Version: $LATEST
    2018-03-21T18:24:56.171-07:00[    mylambda-d719650] Getting count for '/hello'
    2018-03-21T18:25:01.327-07:00[    mylambda-d719650] Got count 0 for '/hello'
    2018-03-21T18:25:02.267-07:00[    mylambda-d719650] END RequestId: d1e95652-2d6f-11e8-93f6-2921c8ae65e7
    2018-03-21T18:25:02.267-07:00[    mylambda-d719650] REPORT RequestId: d1e95652-2d6f-11e8-93f6-2921c8ae65e7   Duration: 9540.93 ms    Billed Duration: 9600 ms        Memory Size: 128 MB     Max Memory Used: 37 MB

Clean up

  1. Run pulumi destroy to tear down all resources.

  2. To delete the stack itself, run pulumi stack rm. Note that this command deletes all deployment history from the Pulumi Console.