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v5.21.1 published on Thursday, Nov 17, 2022 by Pulumi

Using Pulumi for NGINX on AWS ECS Fargate using Python with a vpc built in Typescript

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What Is This?

This is Pulumi code for deploying your own ECS Fargate cluster with tags written in python on top of vpc built in typescript.

Why would you do this?

Code in whatever language you want, you can use things across go, python, typescript, and dotnet. Reuse whatever you can.

How is the vpc built?

The vpc is built using pulumi crosswalk in typescript.

How is the ecs cluster built?

The ecs cluster is built in python.

How do we connect infrastructure written in typescript with python?

We do this via StackReference. The vpc outputs will be read as inputs in the ecs fargate.

Which Backend are we using?

We are going to use Pulumi Service backend for state storage.

Running the Example

Clone the examples repo and cd into it.

  1. cd vpc-crosswalk-ts directory for usage information.
  2. cd ecs-fargate-python directory for usage information.

The ecs fargate example is identical to original one