Managing Secrets and Secure Access in Azure Applications | TypeScript

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Managed identities for Azure resources provides Azure services with an automatically managed identity in Azure Active Directory (Azure AD).

This example demonstrates using a managed identity with Azure App Service to access Azure KeyVault, Azure Storage, and Azure SQL Database without passwords or secrets.

The application consists of several parts:

  • An ASP.NET Application which reads data from a SQL Database and from a file in Blob Storage
  • App Service which host the application. The application binaries are placed in Blob Storage, with Blob Url placed as a secret in Azure Key Vault
  • App Service has a Managed Identity enabled
  • The identify is granted access to the SQL Server, Blob Storage, and Key Vault
  • No secret information is placed in App Service configuration: all access rights are derived from Active Directory

Running the App

  1. Create a new stack:

    $ pulumi stack init dev
  2. Login to Azure CLI (you will be prompted to do this during deployment if you forget this step):

    $ az login
  3. Restore NPM dependencies:

    $ npm install
  4. Build and publish the ASP.NET Core project:

    $ dotnet publish webapp
  5. Set an appropriate Azure location like:

    $ pulumi config set azure:location westus
  6. Run pulumi up to preview and deploy changes:

    $ pulumi up
    Previewing changes:
    Performing changes:
    info: 15 changes performed:
        + 15 resources created
    Update duration: 4m16s
  7. Check the deployed website endpoint:

    $ pulumi stack output endpoint
    $ curl "$(pulumi stack output endpoint)"
    Hello 311378b3-16b7-4889-a8d7-2eb77478beba@50f73f6a-e8e3-46b6-969c-bf026712a650! Here is your...