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v3.6.0 published on Monday, Nov 15, 2021 by Pulumi

The Pulumi F5 BIG-IP provider uses the F5 BIG-IP SDK to manage and provision resources.


The F5 BIG-IP provider is available as a package in all Pulumi languages:

Configuring Credentials

Pulumi relies on the F5 BIG-IP SDK to authenticate requests from your computer to the resources. Your credentials are never sent to pulumi.com. The Pulumi F5 BIG-IP Provider needs to be configured with F5 BIG-IP credentials before it can be used to create resources.

Once the credetials are obtained, there are two ways to communicate your authorization tokens to Pulumi:

  1. Set the environment variable BIGIP_HOST, BIGIP_USER and BIGIP_PASSWORD:

  2. Set them using configuration, if you prefer that they be stored alongside your Pulumi stack for easy multi-user access:

    $ pulumi config set f5bigip:address XXXXXXXXXXXXXX
    $ pulumi config set f5bigip:username YYYYYYYYYYYYYY
    $ pulumi config set f5bigip:password ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ --secret

Remember to pass --secret when setting f5bigip:password so that it is properly encrypted. The complete list of configuration parameters is in the F5 BIG-IP provider README.