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FusionAuth v2.16.0, Mar 13 23


FusionAuth for Pulumi can be used to configure FusionAuth instances.

This is bridged using the gpsinsight Terraform FusionAuth package.

You can look at the Terraform FusionAuth docs by gpsinsight to get an idea of what is available in this package.


import { Provider } from 'pulumi-fusionauth';

const fusionAuthProvider = new Provider('fusion-auth', {
  host: process.env.FUSION_AUTH_HOST_URL,
  apiKey: process.env.FUSION_AUTH_API_KEY,

// Create a new signing key
const clientDataSigningKey = new FusionAuthKey(
    algorithm: 'RS256',
    name: 'Sample jwt key',
    length: 2048,
  { provider: fusionAuthProvider },

export const appClientDataJwtKeyId = clientDataSigningKey.id;