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FusionAuth v2.17.0, Mar 24 23

FusionAuth: Installation & Configuration


The FusionAuth provider is available as a package in all Pulumi languages:

Configuring Credentials

  1. Export required variables:
$ export FUSION_AUTH_HOST_URL=<URL to your FusionAuth Instance>
$ export FUSION_AUTH_API_KEY=<API Key for FusionAuth APIs>

You can get / generate the API key by going to the FusionAuth UI:

  1. Settings > API keys > add

  2. Create an instance of the provider

     import { Provider } from 'pulumi-fusionauth';
     const fusionAuthProvider = new Provider('fusion-auth', {
       host: process.env.FUSION_AUTH_HOST_URL,
       apiKey: process.env.FUSION_AUTH_API_KEY,
  3. Create the FusionAuth resources and assign it the provider

     // Create a new signing key
     const clientDataSigningKey = new FusionAuthKey(
         algorithm: 'RS256',
         name: 'Sample jwt key',
         length: 2048,
       { provider: fusionAuthProvider },