GCP Instance | Go

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Create a GCP instance using Pulumi + Go.

Running the App

  1. Create a new stack:

    $ pulumi stack init gcp-instance
  2. Configure the project:

    $ pulumi config set gcp:project YOURGOOGLECLOUDPROJECT
    $ pulumi config set gcp:zone us-central1-a
  3. Run pulumi up to preview and deploy changes:

    $ pulumi up
    Previewing update (gcp-instance):
    Updating (gcp-instance):
        Type                     Name       Status      
    +   pulumi:pulumi:Stack      gcp-instance  created     
    +   └─ gcp:compute:Instance  instance   created     
        instanceName: "instance-6beb431"
        + 2 created
    Duration: 23s
  4. Cleanup

    $ pulumi destroy
    $ pulumi stack rm