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Google Cloud Static Website v0.0.3, Sep 19 22

Google Cloud Static Website

This component makes it easy to deploy a static website to Google Cloud using any of the supported Pulumi programming languages.


import { Website } from "@pulumi/google-cloud-static-website";

const site = new Website("site", {
    sitePath: "./site",

export const { originURL } = site;
name: my-website
runtime: yaml
description: A static website built with pulumi-google-cloud-static-website.

    type: google-cloud-static-website:index:Website
      sitePath: ./site

  originURL: ${site.originURL}

Input Properties

This component takes the following inputs.

  • sitePath (string) - the root directory containing contents of the built website contents
  • withCDN (boolean) - whether to provision a Google Cloud CDN to serve website content
  • error404 (string) - the default error page for the website. Defaults to error.html
  • index.html (string) - the default document for the site. Defaults to index.html
  • domain (string) - the domain of the website
  • subdomain (string) - The subdomain used to access the static website. If not specified will configure with apex/root domain of the DNS zone specified


  • originURL - the direct URL of the website (storage bucket endpoint)
  • cdnURL - the CDN URL for the site
  • customDomainURL - the custom domain URL where the static website can be accessed


  • The SSL certs can take anywhere from 60 - 90 mins after the update has been completed in order to fully provision. Upon first provisioning, there may be a short period of time where the cert is invalid when accessing the website over HTTPS.