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Google Cloud Native v0.28.0, Feb 2 23

Google Cloud Native

The Google Cloud Native provider for Pulumi can provision many of the cloud resources available in Google Cloud.

The Google Cloud Native provider must be configured with credentials to deploy and update resources in Google Cloud; see Installation & Configuration for instructions.


import * as storage from "@pulumi/google-native/storage/v1";
import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";

const config = new pulumi.Config("google-native");
const project = config.require("project");
const bucketName = "pulumi-goog-native-ts-01";

// Create a Google Cloud resource (Storage Bucket)
const bucket = new storage.Bucket("my-bucket", {
  name: bucketName,
  bucket: bucketName,
  project: project,

// Export the bucket self-link
export const bucketName = bucket.selfLink;
import pulumi
from import v1 as storage

config = pulumi.Config()
project = config.require('project')
# Create a Google Cloud resource (Storage Bucket)
bucket_name = "pulumi-goog-native-bucket-py-01"
bucket = storage.Bucket('my-bucket', name=bucket_name, bucket=bucket_name, project=project)

# Export the bucket self-link
pulumi.export('bucket', bucket.self_link)
package main

import (
	storage ""

func main() {
	const bucketName = "pulumi-goog-native-bucket-go-01"
	pulumi.Run(func(ctx *pulumi.Context) error {
		conf := config.New(ctx, "google-native")
		project := conf.Require("project")
		// Create a Google Cloud resource (Storage Bucket)
		bucket, err := storage.NewBucket(ctx, "bucket", &storage.BucketArgs{
			Name:    pulumi.StringPtr(bucketName),
			Bucket:  pulumi.String(project),
			Project: project,
		if err != nil {
			return err
		// Export the bucket self-link
		ctx.Export("bucket", bucket.SelfLink)

		return nil
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Pulumi;
using Pulumi.GoogleNative.Storage.V1;

await Deployment.RunAsync(() =>
    var config = new Config("google-native");
    var project = config.Require("project");
    var bucketName = "pulumi-goog-native-bucket-cs-01";

    // Create a Google Cloud resource (Storage Bucket)
    var bucket = new Bucket("my-bucket", new BucketArgs
        Name = bucketName,
        Bucket = bucketName,
        Project = project,
    type: String
  bucketName: pulumi-goog-native-bucket-go-01
    type: google-native:storage/v1:Bucket
      name: ${bucketName}
      bucket: ${bucketName}
      project: ${project}
  bucket: ${my-bucket.selfLink}