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Kubernetes Cert Manager v0.0.5, Nov 23 22

Kubernetes Cert Manager

cert-manager is a Kubernetes add-on to automate the management and issuance of TLS certificates from various issuing sources. It will ensure certificates are valid and up to date periodically, and attempt to renew certificates at an appropriate time before expiry. The Pulumi Component for cert-manager helps teams easily manage cert-manager installations as a package available in all Pulumi languages. cert-manager was created by Jetstack and is now a CNCF Member Project.


import * as k8s from "@pulumi/kubernetes";
import * as certmanager from "@pulumi/kubernetes-cert-manager";

// Create a sandbox namespace.
const nsName = "sandbox";
const ns = new k8s.core.v1.Namespace("sandbox-ns", {
    metadata: { name: nsName },

// Install cert-manager into our cluster.
const manager = new certmanager.CertManager("cert-manager", {
    installCRDs: true,
    helmOptions: {
        namespace: nsName,
import pulumi
from pulumi_kubernetes.core.v1 import Namespace
from pulumi_kubernetes_cert_manager import CertManager, ReleaseArgs

# Create a sandbox namespace.
ns_name = 'sandbox'
ns = Namespace('sandbox-ns', metadata={ 'name': ns_name })

# Install cert-manager into our cluster.
manager = CertManager('cert-manager',