Simple and Component-based Kubernetes Guestbook Apps

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A port of the standard Kubernetes Guestbook to Pulumi. This example shows you how to build and deploy a simple, multi-tier web application using Kubernetes and Docker, and consists of three components:

  • A single-instance Redis master to store guestbook entries
  • Multiple replicated Redis instances to serve reads
  • Multiple web frontend instances

There is an interactive Tutorial available for this example. If this is your first time using Pulumi for Kubernetes, we recommend starting there.

In this directory, you will find two variants of the Guestbook:

  1. simple/ is a direct port of the original YAML.
  2. components demonstrates the benefits of using a real language, namely eliminating boilerplate through the use of real component abstractions.

Both examples provision the exact same Kubernetes Guestbook application, but showcase different aspects of Pulumi.