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Kubernetes v4.5.5 published on Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023 by Pulumi

Sock Shop Pulumi Demo

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Kubernetes v4.5.5 published on Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023 by Pulumi

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    A version of the standard Sock Shop microservices reference app app using Pulumi and @pulumi/kubernetes.

    Running the App

    Follow the steps in Pulumi Installation and Setup and Configuring Pulumi Kubernetes to get setup with Pulumi and Kubernetes.

    Install dependencies:

    npm install

    Create a new stack:

    $ pulumi stack init
    Enter a stack name: testing

    Preview the deployment of the application:

    $ pulumi preview
    Previewing update of stack 'testing'
    Previewing changes:
         Type                        Name               Plan       Info
     +   pulumi:pulumi:Stack         sock-shop-testing  create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     carts-db           create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     carts              create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     catalog-db         create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     catalog            create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     orders-db          create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     orders             create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     payment            create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     rabbitmq           create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     shipping           create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     user-db            create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     user               create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     front-end          create
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     queue-master       create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  queue-master       create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  catalog-db         create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  catalog            create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  payment            create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  rabbitmq           create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  front-end          create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  carts-db           create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  orders-db          create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  user-db            create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  user               create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  carts              create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  orders             create
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  shipping           create
    info: 27 changes previewed:
        + 27 resources to create

    Perform the deployment:

    $ pulumi up
    Updating stack 'testing'
    Performing changes:
         Type                        Name          Status      Info
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     carts-db      created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     carts         created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     catalog-db    created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     catalog       created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     orders-db     created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     orders        created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     payment       created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     rabbitmq      created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     shipping      created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     user-db       created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     user          created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     front-end     created
     +   kubernetes:core:Service     queue-master  created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  queue-master  created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  catalog-db    created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  catalog       created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  payment       created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  rabbitmq      created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  front-end     created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  carts-db      created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  orders-db     created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  user-db       created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  user          created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  carts         created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  orders        created
     +   kubernetes:apps:Deployment  shipping      created
    info: 27 changes performed:
        + 27 resources created
    Update duration: 3m2.127835854s
    Permalink: https://pulumi.com/examples/testing/updates/1

    The application is now deployed. Use kubectl to see the deployed services.

    $ k get services -n sock-shop
    NAME           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)        AGE
    carts   <none>        80/TCP         4m
    carts-db    <none>        27017/TCP      4m
    catalogue   <none>        80/TCP         4m
    catalogue-db    <none>        3306/TCP       4m
    front-end    <nodes>       80:30001/TCP   4m
    orders   <none>        80/TCP         4m
    orders-db   <none>        27017/TCP      4m
    payment   <none>        80/TCP         4m
    queue-master   <none>        80/TCP         4m
    rabbitmq    <none>        5672/TCP       4m
    shipping   <none>        80/TCP         4m
    user-db    <none>        27017/TCP      4m
    user     <none>        27017/TCP      4m
    kubernetes logo
    Kubernetes v4.5.5 published on Wednesday, Nov 15, 2023 by Pulumi