HashiCorp Nomad

v0.2.1 published on Tuesday, Dec 7, 2021 by Pulumi


Retrieve a list of ACL Policies.

Example Usage

using Pulumi;
using Nomad = Pulumi.Nomad;

class MyStack : Stack
    public MyStack()
        var example = Output.Create(Nomad.GetAclPolicies.InvokeAsync(new Nomad.GetAclPoliciesArgs
            Prefix = "prod",

package main

import (

func main() {
	pulumi.Run(func(ctx *pulumi.Context) error {
		opt0 := "prod"
		_, err := nomad.GetAclPolicies(ctx, &GetAclPoliciesArgs{
			Prefix: &opt0,
		}, nil)
		if err != nil {
			return err
		return nil
import pulumi
import pulumi_nomad as nomad

example = nomad.get_acl_policies(prefix="prod")
import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi";
import * as nomad from "@pulumi/nomad";

const example = pulumi.output(nomad.getAclPolicies({
    prefix: "prod",

Using getAclPolicies

Two invocation forms are available. The direct form accepts plain arguments and either blocks until the result value is available, or returns a Promise-wrapped result. The output form accepts Input-wrapped arguments and returns an Output-wrapped result.

function getAclPolicies(args: GetAclPoliciesArgs, opts?: InvokeOptions): Promise<GetAclPoliciesResult>
function getAclPoliciesOutput(args: GetAclPoliciesOutputArgs, opts?: InvokeOptions): Output<GetAclPoliciesResult>
def get_acl_policies(prefix: Optional[str] = None,
                     opts: Optional[InvokeOptions] = None) -> GetAclPoliciesResult
def get_acl_policies_output(prefix: Optional[pulumi.Input[str]] = None,
                     opts: Optional[InvokeOptions] = None) -> Output[GetAclPoliciesResult]
func GetAclPolicies(ctx *Context, args *GetAclPoliciesArgs, opts ...InvokeOption) (*GetAclPoliciesResult, error)
func GetAclPoliciesOutput(ctx *Context, args *GetAclPoliciesOutputArgs, opts ...InvokeOption) GetAclPoliciesResultOutput

> Note: This function is named GetAclPolicies in the Go SDK.

public static class GetAclPolicies 
    public static Task<GetAclPoliciesResult> InvokeAsync(GetAclPoliciesArgs args, InvokeOptions? opts = null)
    public static Output<GetAclPoliciesResult> Invoke(GetAclPoliciesInvokeArgs args, InvokeOptions? opts = null)

The following arguments are supported:

Prefix string
Prefix string
prefix string
prefix str

getAclPolicies Result

The following output properties are available:

Id string
The provider-assigned unique ID for this managed resource.
Policies List<GetAclPoliciesPolicy>
Prefix string
Id string
The provider-assigned unique ID for this managed resource.
Policies []GetAclPoliciesPolicy
Prefix string
id string
The provider-assigned unique ID for this managed resource.
policies GetAclPoliciesPolicy[]
prefix string
id str
The provider-assigned unique ID for this managed resource.
policies Sequence[GetAclPoliciesPolicy]
prefix str

Supporting Types


Description string
Name string
Description string
Name string
description string
name string
description str
name str

Package Details

This Pulumi package is based on the nomad Terraform Provider.