Rootly: Installation & Configuration


  1. To use this package, please install the Pulumi CLI first.
  2. This package is only available for JavaScript and TypeScript but support for other languages will be available soon.

Node.js (JavaScript/TypeScript)

  1. To use from JavaScript or TypeScript in Node.js, install using either npm:

    npm install @rootly/pulumi

    or yarn:

    yarn add @rootly/pulumi
  2. Install the provider binary plugin. This is only needed due to an outstanding bug in with Pulumi registry

pulumi plugin install resource rootly v0.0.2 --server


The Pulumi Rootly Provider needs to be configured with a Rootly API token.

Once you generated the API token there are two ways to communicate your authorization token to Pulumi:

  1. Set the environment variables ROOTLY_API_TOKEN:

    $ export ROOTLY_API_TOKEN=cu_xxx
  2. Set them using pulumi config command, if you prefer that they be stored alongside your Pulumi stack for easy multi-user access:

    $ pulumi config set rootly:apiToken cu_xxx --secret

Remember to pass --secret when setting rootly:apiToken so it is properly encrypted.