Advanced Infrastructure as Code



Duration: 90 minutes

This workshop will cover advanced infrastructure as code topics including using and authoring components, multi-stack architectures and testing - as well as how to apply infrastructure as code to Kubernetes - both for provisioning managed Kubernetes clusters and deploying Kubernetes applications and services on top of existing clusters.

After completing this workshop, you’ll be up and running with IaC fundamentals, modern application architectures across many clouds, and Kubernetes best-practices that are ready for production environments. You’ll also be ready to empower your development teams to be more productive - continuously deploying both their applications and infrastructure.

View the prerequisites for this workshop here.


  • Luke Hoban
    CTO, Pulumi

Join us to learn:

  • Infrastructure as Code fundamentals.
  • Multi cloud architectures for moder applications.
  • Kubernetes best practices for production environments.

Recording Coming Soon!

This live webinar is no longer available. The recording will be posted to this page when it is available.

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