Creating modern, cloud native applications by unifying your DevOps teams


Pulumi’s Cloud Native Development Platform streamlines DevOps processes and the delivery of cloud native software. Pulumi unlocks the power of general-purpose programming languages to equip your organization with the tools necessary to quickly build and deploy containers on AWS.

Pulumi provides huge productivity gains of your favorite language: from testability, to code completion, error checking, packaging, versioning, and IDE support.


  • Trevor Hansen
    Startup Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Luke Hoban
    CTO, Pulumi
  • Chris Toomey
    CTO & Principal Architect, Learning Machine

What you will learn:

  • How using general purpose programming languages provides familiar and powerful programming concepts
  • How Pulumi can help build a library of code packages to enhance efficiency
  • Best practices for becoming a deployment-focused organization

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