Pulumi in IoT: AWS, Mapbox and Pulumi


Serverless compute services offer an amazing power to application developers to leverage: highly available, automatically scaled, low-ceremony, pay-per-value functions created in several lines of code. With Pulumi’s cloud native SDKs, serverless gets more fun. Using general purpose languages, we can create resources, and then wire up event handlers, like in normal event-driven programming!

Join us in the webinar to see how Pulumi supercharges Mapbox’s IoT asset tracking architecture on AWS, from API Gateway, Amazon Kinesis, to DynamoDB and S3.


  • Trevor Hansen
    Startup Partner Solutions Architect, AWS
  • Cameron Stokes
    Customer Engineer, Pulumi
  • Chris Toomey
    Solutions Architect Lead, Mapbox

What you will learn:

  • The challenge of tracking assets and why real-time location data matters
  • Why current technologies fall short—especially at scale
  • How to compile an asset tracking solution using modern, serverless technology with Pulumi, AWS, and Mapbox
  • Pulumi Live demo: Asset tracking at work
  • Programing your cloud applications with TypeScript, JavaScript, or Python: Pulumi SDKs and Service
  • Why serverless tech matters and what it enables

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