Modern Cloud Infrastructure in Go


Declaratively defining, deploying, and managing infrastructure usually means breaking out of your day to day toolchain and using YAML or some sort of DSL. Learn how to automate modern infrastructure like functions, containers, and Kubernetes using Pulumi and Go. In this talk we’ll explore the productivity superpowers that Pulumi brings to infrastructure:

  1. Provisioning - We’ll author a serverless application on AWS, exploring Pulumi’s familiar imperative approach using Go that still enables declarative state and change management.
  2. Testing - Pulumi’s unique approach opens up a lot of options with unit and integration testing and gives you the confidence to move quickly.
  3. Architecture - Programming languages are naturally suited to encapsulation and abstraction. This enables us to represent our architecture in reusable components that can be published and shared across teams and organizations.


  • Evan Boyle
    Staff Software Engineer, Pulumi

What you'll learn

  • How to provision cloud infrastructure in Go.
  • How to test cloud infrastructure.

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