Ship it! Workshop: Using Pulumi to supercharge your deployments



Duration: 4 hours

Location: Sercotel Sorolla Palace

Distance from KubeCon Venue: 3.38 km 4-minute drive | 23 minutes on public transportation | 35-minute walk

Pulumi’s ability to use familiar programming languages for declarative deployments mean you can very quickly deploy Kubernetes clusters and workloads. In this half day workshop, we’ll examine how you can use Pulumi’s Typescript SDK to create reusable abstractions with Kubernetes that make sense to your developers.


  • The Pulumi Team

Join us to learn:

  • How to use TypeScript to create a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Leveraging Pulumi’s packages features to create reusable abstractions to share with your developers.
  • How to create platform as a service like experiences that make deploying to Kubernetes a breeze.

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