Pulumi Node.js SDK

The Pulumi Node.js SDK lets you write cloud programs in JavaScript.


Using npm:

$ npm install --save @pulumi/pulumi

Using yarn:

$ yarn add @pulumi/pulumi

This SDK is meant for use with the Pulumi CLI. Visit Pulumi's Download & Install to install the CLI.

Building and Testing

For anybody who wants to build from source, here is how you do it.


This SDK uses Node.js and we support any of the Current, Active and Maintenance LTS versions. We support both NPM and Yarn for package management.

At the moment, we only support building on macOS and Linux, where standard GNU tools like make are available.

Make Targets

To build the SDK, simply run make from the root directory (where this README lives, at sdk/nodejs/ from the repo's root). This will build the code, run tests, and install the package and its supporting artifacts.

At the moment, for local development, we install everything into $HOME/.dev-pulumi. You will want this on your $PATH.

The tests will verify that everything works, but feel free to try running pulumi preview and/or pulumi up from the examples/minimal/ directory. Remember to run tsc first, since pulumi expects JavaScript, not TypeScript.

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